"What a Terrible Night to Have a Curse…"

what if watch_dogs came out on the ps1?

quick ludwig sketch cus we unlocked him in mario kart and hes my boy

today was a slow day at work so i set about the worst possible use of my time

Quick EmoFuri tests

these illustrations are almost two years old!!! its kind of out there to me, i feel like i drew these last week…

time is so strange!! why did we invent it.

i used this neato app to make anaglyphs out of one of my older pieces. 

one version retains the color, and the other has a more extreme 3d effect


high res versions of the art i used for the low poly arcade cabinets. 

Regional Differences

Aw, aw jeez grandpa Rick, it looks lik- it looks like its one of those screenshot r-redraws y’know Rick?

quick model doodle, nothing special

high res stills of the internet pi gifs

Internet P.I.

"When the internet is in dire straits, its up to you to tackle cyber criminals and horrible hackers"