Aw, aw jeez grandpa Rick, it looks lik- it looks like its one of those screenshot r-redraws y’know Rick?

quick model doodle, nothing special

high res stills of the internet pi gifs

Internet P.I.

"When the internet is in dire straits, its up to you to tackle cyber criminals and horrible hackers"

Internet PI (1994, Crime-Adventure, PC/Saturn)

The other night Sander did some doodles of Blitz’s mouthshapes and I tried to make them into an animation

sketches- verityinspades || colors- me

been unsatisfied with my sketches the past few days, but i liked how this came out

Dont Hug Me Im Scared

perpetually sick girlfriends that try to cuddle through it anyways

i was doing the randomize pallet thing, but i clearly cheated quite a bit

character designs for a jokey sci-fi universe i might do with. They’re best space friends!! i like the idea of contasting a flash gordon-esque design with one thats more sleek.

Joanna Jettson is a galactic cop writing parking tickets for spacecraft, while dreaming of adventures she went to academy for. Lucy Lightstar is her desk-dwelling, pencil-pushing, best-bud who also works at her precinct 

sloppy height chart I drew of mine and Sander’s characters last night

Theme Park Entrance for the tragically hip

all rides have a “You Must Be This Rad to Ride” requirement

The Bowser sprite in the original Super Mario Bros has always been pretty striking to me. Though itd be fun to do a straight interpretation of it.

The Jett Rocket games are really fun! I drew my take on the lead character

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